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Sufficient Grace-Heartland Special Needs Ministry

People with special needs are enthusiastically welcomed at Heartland.
Please let us know if you have any questions, suggestions, or needs that we can help with.
In Christ’s sufficient grace,
Sarah Willis, Scott Willis, and Kristen Jones (the special needs team)

Saturday November 11 from 3-6

Sufficient Grace

Respite Afternoon

Families affected by disability sometimes need a break! Who do you know who has a family member with a disability who could use an afternoon to catch their breath? Who do you know with a disability who would enjoy an afternoon with friends who understand, Bible stories, and fun activities?

Please invite them to the Respite Afternoon,

Saturday November 11 from 3-6.

Each participant with a disability will be matched with a buddy. We need volunteers—no experience with disabilities necessary! Contact Leanne Kurtzweil to register, or Sarah Willis or Kristen Jones with questions or to volunteer.

Pizza provided!"