Heartland Community Church:  Covid Guidelines  (updated 11/12/2020)


Sunday Worship 10:30am On-Site and via Live Stream


Our church is an elder-led congregation. Two words often used to describe elders in Scripture are shepherds and overseers. The criteria for elders is described in 1 Timothy 3:1-7 and Titus 1:5-9. Our elder board is comprised of teaching elders (pastors) and ruling elders. We follow the biblical example of the plurality of elders as seen in Exodus 18:13-23 and Acts 20:17. This means that all of our elders and pastors govern and lead together and are responsible for feeding, leading, protecting, and caring for the people that call Heartland home.  

Ruling Elders

Jeff Morris              Stan Shelden

Jeff Flora                Gary Gensch

Bryan Hanning        George Bruce

Jeff Morris              Matt Phillips

Morten Vigilius        David Alexander

Jeff Dugger            Ron Johnson

LaVerne Waalkes    John McConeghey


Teaching Elders

George Granberry        Richard Brueck

Gary Goodrich             Brad Hansen- Honorably Retired