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Connecting at Heartland

Connecting in today’s world can be tricky. How do I approach someone I don’t know? How much do I share about myself? What will people think of me? In the church, it should be different. We’re meant to come to you. We’re meant to open ourselves to you. We’re meant to help make you feel welcome. So how do we do that?

At Heartland, our aim is to take the guess work out of your time with us and make you feel welcome. We go about that by connecting you to a few people along the way.  First of all, there are our Door Greeters. They will be located at the glass double doors at the southeast entrance to the church. You can let them know you’re a first-time or recent visitor, and they will make sure you are connected with another member of our welcome team who can help you navigate your way to the Coffee, Nursery, Sanctuary, etc.  As we gather for worship, we ask you to fill out a small card found in the pew rack in front of you.  We’d love to send you our weekly announcements and news so you can become better acquainted with us.

From there you can expect to receive a call from Pastor Richard, and he will not only answer questions, but help you get plugged into the life of the Church and on our pathway to membership. 

If you have any questions along the way feel free to reach out to Richard at