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Sunday School

Spring 2024

Beginning Sunday, February 4

Jesus is God's Son - Preschoolers 

3-5 year old's will follow the life of Jesus from the manger to the Mount of Transfiguration as they learn about Jesus as God's Son and the promised Savior.
dividerThe Biggest Story: Historical Books - Kindergarten through 5th grade

Elementary-aged children will continue their use of the Biggest Story curriculum into the Historical Books of the Old Testament. As we learn about the history of God's people, we will see that God's promises and purposes remain true through moments of great faith and triumph, as well as moments of spectacular disobedience and failure.
dividerThe Lord’s Prayer - Jeremy Houser (Room 202) - Middle and High School Students

Don’t stop believing…and praying. All Middle and High School Students are welcome to join us on a journey through Matthew 6:9-13, as Jesus teaches us to pray. This class will use the Westminster Larger Catechism to outline the richness and beauty of Jesus’ teaching on prayer.
dividerRomans Part I, Chapters 1-8 - Ben Marquez (Fellowship Hall)

Join Pastor Ben as he mines this most beloved Epistle from Paul to the Romans. In the spirit of John Calvin’s dedication of his commentary on Romans, together we will explore this beloved epistle with lucid brevity. All are welcome to join!
dividerEven in The Valley: Meeting God in Suffering and Adversity - Brad Hansen (Room 200)

Sometimes God leads us into places we would never choose for ourselves–physical suffering and pain; grief and loss; disappointment and despair; and the threat of death itself. How do we live in these places? How can we trust God? How do we approach God. How can we pray to God? Pastor Brad will be leading an exploration of God and our personal suffering. The class is open to all whether you are young or old; suffering or caring for the suffering.dividerUnderstanding and Responding to Our Strange New World - Pastor Jonathan (Library)Dr. Carl Trueman writes, "For many people, the Western world in which we now live has a profoundly confusing, and often disturbing, quality to it. Things once regarded as obvious and unassailable virtues have in recent years been subject to vigorous criticism." If you would like to understand this strange new world in which we live and consider thoughtful ways we can engage and respond to our cultural moment, then join Pastor Jonathan in this class as we seek answers together. Using Carl Trueman's work Strange New World as our tour guide, this discussion-based class will explore topics such as the self, identity, the ultimate meaning of life, and the role of the church in our strange new world. Questions? Contact Pastor Jonathan