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Sunday School


Beginning Sunday, September 12, 2021, Adult Education classes will resume during the Sunday school hour. Here’s a quick look at what’s coming up!

“Firm Foundations”

11 Weeks: September 12 – November 21

Teacher: Gary Gensch

We live in a time of unprecedented, tumultuous changes across the world. Our culture is fracturing at every level in the malaise of a rising storm attacking the major tenets and foundations of our faith. If ever there was a time to know and stand firm on the Solid Theological Rock of Jesus, it is now. During this eleven-week class (originally derived from lessons taught by the late R.C. Sproul) we will discuss the major tenets of our Reformed faith. To be strong in faith as ambassadors for Christ we need to know our God and the system of faith that has proven the test of time. 

“The City of God: Then and Now”

5 Weeks: September 12-October 10

Teacher: Colin Kelly 

We will be taking five weeks to work through the main themes in one of the most influential books ever written by a Christian – The City of God, by Augustine. Augustine wrote his book in response to the fall of Rome in AD 412 but wrestles through issues that can feel remarkably close to the situation the church finds itself in today. We will explore:

  • What does Scripture tell us about how God acts in history?
  • How should Christians respond to cultural, societal, or political upheaval? 
  • Does the Christian faith offer any unique insight into how to approach living in society and participating in politics?

Though Augustine lived right at the cusp of an explosion of Christian influence in culture and politics, his insights are profoundly helpful to a church living in a decidedly post-Christian, but also increasingly post-secular world.

“Discipleship in the Shadow of Intolerance”

6 Weeks: October 17 – November 21

Teacher: Brad Hansen

The aim of this class is to present a vision for church and discipleship in light of current cultural shifts which are increasingly intolerant of the Christian faith. We will explore present and developing pressures applied to the Christian faith, and seek to articulate a biblical vision for the church, its mission, and life.

Week 1
Not Your Father’s World: “Soft Totalitarianism” and The Emerging Pressures the Church Faces
Discipleship: “Immigrant Christians” (Stephen McAlpine)

Week 2
How We Became the Bad Guys: The Shifts in Our World and the Rival Gospel
Stephen McAlpine interview
Discipleship: The Message of 1 Peter for the Church

Week 3
How The Expressive Self Poisons Both Culture and the Church
Expressive Individualism: What it is and What it looks like
How the Culture of Autonomy Constricts Discipleship and Mission
Discipleship: Philippians 1:27-2:30 Committing to Unity, Humility, and Service

Week 4
Witness and Evangelism I Rebecca McGlaughlin, The Secular Creed
Undercutting the Secular Narrative
Disicpleship: Acts 17:22-31 (The Gospel for the Pagan)

Week 5
Witness and Evangelism II Sam Chan, How to Talk About Jesus Without Being THAT Guy
Sam Chan interview
Eight Tips for Evangelism

Week 6
Committing Ourselves to the Long Game: A Church for All Seasons
Revelation 2-3


Youth Sunday School (grade 6-12): "Gospel Centered Life for Teens"

Teachers: Jeff and Kathy Morris

Please join us for discussion and time for questions.

We will meet in the Student Ministry Room in the Office building. 

Please contact Pastor Gary if you have any questions.


Children's Sunday School (age 3 years to grade 5): "Show Me Jesus"

"Show Me Jesus" Children age 3 yrs to grade 5 will be learning about God's great love and sending His Son Jesus; the teachings of Jesus through the Gospels; and telling others about Jesus.