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Sunday School


Adult Sunday School Classes for the Fall 2019 Semester                 

This fall we have several new classes you can pick from to deepen your walk with Christ. Classes will begin September 8 and run through November 24. Please join us as we study God's Word together:

- Minor Prophets: (Room 3E) this is set up to give you a survey of the Minor Prophets, to introduce you to their major themes and help you apply their message to your life. Each class during the 12 weeks will cover a different minor prophet and will be taught by the elders.

- Gospel Centered Parenting: (Room 5C) this 12 week class will equip and encourage all parents in raising their children Biblically.  The resources will be For the Love of Discipline by Sara Wallace and Paul Tripp's latest book Parenting. The class will be led by mother/son team: Vicki and Stephen Granberry. Grandparents are also more than welcome!!

- Parents of Prodigals: (Room 2E) Jeff Flora will lead a discussion based class helping parents navigate the difficulties of parenting grown children who have walked away from the faith or are struggling with life. 

- Understanding the Same Sex Attraction Debate: (Room 3D) this class will unpack some of the issues being discussed at the PCA General Assembly about Same Sex Attraction. It will bring clarity to the confusion found on social media while addressing the core theological issues at the center of the discussion (sanctification, temptation and identity in Christ).

Fall Sunday School Student Ministries

6th grade-Communicants Class (Room 4D): This class, designed to last both fall and spring semesters, is for students who are interested in exploring the basics of the faith and what it means to become a communing member of the Church. Upon completion, students will have the opportunity for a member's interview if the families desire. To join this class, email by September 1st.

7-9th grade-Gospel-Centered Life (Room 1E): "Techie? Jock? Class Clown? You Can't Build a Life on a Label. Something or someone will always try to define you. But your identity goes far deeper than the positive or even the negative labels people use to define you. There is something at the core of a satisfying and meaningful life that can't be summed up by any label. The Gospel-Centered Life for Teens offers you the chance to center your life on the only thing in the universe that actually has the power to define you, give your life meaning, and shape how you live each day. Class co-taught by Pastor Gary Goodrich and Jon Larson.

10-11th grade-Praying the Psalms (Room D5 Youth Room): Over the next 20 weeks, we will spend time studying, applying, and learning to pray alongside one of the greatest treasures in God's word, The Psalms. Throughout this study, we will cover topics like meditation, lament, anger, and repentance. We hope you will join us as we dive deep into this unique and applicable book. This class will be taught by Jeff and Kathy Morris.

Fall Sunday School Children's Ministries - Teachers and Room Location

3 & 4 yr olds: Brandon and Elena Whitetree - room 2D.1

Kindergarten and 1st : Cynthia Shelden and Ann MacLeod - room 2D

2nd and 3rd Grade: Chris and Kristin Jackson - room 3C

4th and 5th Grade: Daniel Gensch - room 2C