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Sunday School

Fall 2023
The Adult Education committee invites you to attend classes intended for your growth in discipleship as faithful followers of Christ. Fall 2023 Classes begin Sunday, August 20 at 9:00 AM and end Sunday, November 26 unless otherwise noted.

In the Beginning: God’s Creation Story 

Elder Gary Gensch, Fellowship Hall

“We’re living in a state where there is absolutely no reason for what we’re doing, and no story to tell about what we should be.” (Douglas Murray)

The Christian faith rests on a foundation which is described in the very first words of the Bible: “In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth.” But what does this mean? What does it tell us about God, the world, and ourselves? Why are there such divergent views about what could or could not have happened “in the beginning”?

Join Gary Gensch for this study of what we can believe about creation, providence, and life in this world.


It’s All the Rage: Social Discourse and the Glorification of Anger

Pastor Brad Hansen, Room 202

Anger has always been part of our human history. We can witness its appearance in the book of Genesis, where Cain kills his brother and shows no remorse. But many writers and observers of our culture gave drawn attention to a new king of anger which has taken its place in public discourse, which one finds in social media posts, political speeches, opinion pieces, and even what’s called “the news.” It has been called “angri-culture” – an anger which is sown, cultivated, and grown in abundance.

This class explores “Rage”, focusing on important questions: What does the Bible say about anger? How do we respond to a culture of Rage? What are our obligations as followers of Christ?

This Class will run October 1 - November 26.


Foundation for Church Leadership

Pastor Jonathan Whitley, Library

Interested in leading a Community Group or Bible study? Considering teaching a Sunday school class? Are you wondering if God is calling you to serve as an elder or deacon? Are you wanting to grow as a church leader?

This is the class for you. We will discuss the theological and practical building blocks of leadership at Heartland, especially the centrality of the gospel for church leadership.

This Class will run September 10 - November 26.


Have You Heard of Ethics 101? What About Ethics 010? The Ten Commandments (Sunday class for middle school/high school students)

Jeremy Houser, Room 201

God established his plan for human flourishing in the soul-level disclosure of the Ten Commandments. God desired that his people have a character that resembled his. This is what he communicated in the Decalogue. This is not a class of Do’s and Don’ts, but a look at how we may know God and discern what is best for our lives. All middle and high school students are invited to join Youth Director Jeremy Houser to explore the commandments as outlined in the Westminster Shorter Catechism.