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Prayer for the Persecuted and Unreached

Would you pray? 

It is reported that there are more than 260 million Christians who live in places where they experience high levels of persecution for thier faith in Jesus Christ. That breaks down to 1 in 8 believers worldwide experience high levels of persecution because of their faith. Would you pray for these believers? Would you pray for the persecuted church? 

Meanwhile, there are 7.67 billion people on planet earth. Of that 7.67 billion people the Joshua Project calculates that 3.19 billion of those people are unreached. That breaks down to 41.6% of the worlds population does not know Christ or have a way to hear about Christ. These people make up 7,410 unreached people groups. Would you pray that a movement would begin in each of the people groups? Would you pray that the Word of God would translated into their languages? Would you pray that churches would be planted and discipleship would take place? 

Here's how you can pray: each week Heartland will focus on a different unreached people group and on a different area of the world where the church is facing persecution. Click on the links below to download those prayer sheets for each week. You may also visit the Voice of Marytyrs, Open Doors USA or the Joshua Project to find out more.

Prayer Sheets:

Week of May 3 - Prayer for Uzbekistan

Week of May 10 - Prayer for Myanmar

Week of May 17 - Prayer for Loas

Week of May 24 - Prayer for Vietnam

Week of May 31 - Prayer for Turkmenistan

Week of June 7 - Prayer for China

Week of June 14 - Prayer for Mauritania

Week of June 21 - Prayer for Central African Republic

Week of June 28 - Prayer for Morocco

Week of July 5 - Prayer for Qatar

Week of July 12 - Prayer for Burkina Feso

Week of July 19 - Prayer for Mali

Week of July 26 - Prayer for Sri Lanka

Week of August 2 - Prayer for Tajikistan

Week of August 9 - Prayer for Nepal

Week of August 16 - Prayer for Jordan

Week of August 23 - Prayer for Tunisia

Week of August 30 - Prayer for Kazakhstan

Week of September 6 - Prayer for Turkey

Week of September 13 - Prayer for Brunei

Week of September 20 - Prayer for Bangladesh

Week of September 27 - Prayer for Ethiopia

Week of October 4 - Prayer for Malaysia 

Week of October 11 - Prayer for Colombia

Week of October 18 - Prayer for Oman

Week of October 25 - Prayer for Kuwait

Week of November 1 - Prayer for Kenya

Week of November 8 - Prayer for Bhutan

Week of November 15 - Prayer for Russian Federation

Week of November 22 - Prayer for United Arab Emirates

Week of November 29 - Prayer for Cameroon

Week of December 6 - Prayer for Indonesia

Week of December 13 - Prayer for Niger